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About Us

We do the same things every day. We drift through life. We let wonderful things pass away. Out of our passion for life, we established Colt Art. Unleash yourself and discover the many possibilities in life.


The name "Colt Art" is derived from the story of an unleashed colt in the Bible, symbolizing our parallel path towards freedom and endless possibilities. You can communicate with your loved ones, and more importantly your indented soul, through the movement of your hands and paintbrush. There are no good or bad drawing skills here, no strict criterion of beauty, and no denial to your creative mind. A freedom for you to express and redefine your past, present, and future self.


Whatever your background, we sincerely hope that you would allow us to use Art as a medium to connect our lives. May we learn from every artistic exchange, and let it fuels us into the future.


我們每天踏着相同的步伐投入生活,然而重複而單調的節奏卻將生活調得暗淡,我們深信身邊每滴流過的美好事物。Colt Art 的創立, 來自我們對生命的熱誠與重視。解開勞累乏味的束縛,發掘出生活裡蘊藏着萬千的可能性。


Colt Art 取名自聖經裡從勞役中被解放的小驢,是走向自由、面向無限可能性的象徵。透過圖畫與好友,甚至與自己的心靈溝通。沒有畫技的高低,沒有美麗的準則,沒有思想的對錯,只有自由的空間讓你為過去、現在和將來的生活重新定義。




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